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Legendary Romanian cuisine for the modern man

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Another place of legend and history

On the old estates of the Vacaresti boyars, i.e today’s Băneasa area, on Sos. Bucureşti-Ploieşti at no. 10 of Bucharest, we find the location of one of the best restaurants in Bucharest, Voievodal Baneasa Restaurant, inaugurated in the middle of 2013.

The mansion-like place, the authentic arrangement, the traditional Romanian food  and the way of serving are all thought to make the guests feel like the rulers and boyars of old times – royally feasted and banqueted, housed at the court of the great ban Serban Vacarescu and his wife, baneasa Ecaterina Văcărescu. All these features make this Bucharest restaurant really famous, especially in the Northern part of the city.

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Bucharest restaurant and new old kitchen

The Bucharest restaurant in Baneasa offers traditional Romanian food and quality dishes but also in respectful quantities, which ensures the satiety of every meal and makes every guest feel that he has taken part in a real royal feast.
For a Bucharest restaurant, it is most important to keep a balance between old and new, that is why Voievodal is one of the best restaurants in Bucharest. It preserves “the old”, but having “the new” in mind at the same time.
From the varied Romanian cuisine with its oriental, Slavic or Habsburg influences, special dishes have been chosen according to the taste of the modern man and they are all legendary meals, waiting to be discovered.

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The mansion-like place, the authentic arrangement, the dishes and their way of serving are all thought to make the guests feel like the rulers and boyars of old times!

Traditional Romanian food

As late Radu Anton Roman narrated first of all it’s all about the old peasant and bargain cuisine, but also the Romanized cuisine, whether invented in the cottages of Baragan, through the sheepfolds of Maramures, through the thatched houses of the Danube Delta, or through the verandah houses of Moldavia or even through the hovels of Bucharest.

Parties and events

The restaurant organizes special events as it follows: cocktails, receptions, formal dinners as well as corporate parties, dinners organized for tourists, private parties and traditional Romanian feasts (wedding anniversaries, baptism anniversaries, other occasional anniversaries) of up to 300 people. Only at your request and through our collaborators we can realize various entertainment programs and make our place one of the best restaurants in Bucharest.

Voievodal restaurant winery

The restaurant has a winery that can host wine tasting sessions, which is located in the lobby of the premise, on a wall of about 20 square meters and there are over 200 specially selected wine varieties. The Voievodal Salon, which accommodates 150 people, is designed especially for banqueting events and it has a central dance floor space.
For a Bucharest restaurant, Voievodal is all you need and even more especially in Baneasa area, one of the most beautiful ones in Bucharest.

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