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On the old estates of the Vacaresti boyars, i.e today’s Băneasa area, on Sos. Bucureşti-Ploieşti at no. 10 of the old Bucharest city, we find the location of the Voievodal Baneasa Restaurant, inaugurated in the middle of 2013.

The elegant location, with an authentic layout, extraordinarily good Romanian dishes and food and the way of serving – are all thought to make guests feel treated and hosted like kings, somewhat like those housed at the court of the great ban Serban Văcărescu and his wife, Ecaterina Văcărescu, noble hosts of these places.

After almost four decades, the restaurant has undergone a new renovation and ambience revival process meant to show its true value among the best restaurant in Bucharest. There were preserved elements of architecture and decoration specific to the XV – XVII centuries, starting from the desire to revive the atmosphere of a royal court, that charm of the palace, rather than the boyar mansion, considering that this new decor is intended for highly respected guests.

The entire edifice is decorated in an ultra-elegant style, like the fortresses from the old days, with armors of knights, vintage tapestries, palace guard halebards and weapons of noble men who seem to be waiting for their masters … at one one of their most exquisite parties ever.

Voievodal Restaurant


In harmony with the overall ambience and concept, the preparation of the dishes is done in space-specific dishes. The surface of the entire complex covers about 1,500 square meters and is divided into two generous salons that add up to about 300 seats and is located on one of the shores of Lake Herastrau, also offering a parking lot with 30 car spaces.


The first large salon, the Voievodal Brasserie, located in front and to the right of the reception, harmoniously combines an old-style setting, with modern-style equipment – a wood-fired oven where pita is baked on the spot and the grill on the jar, where the most delicious dishes are prepared in real time, mainly meats, the finest and tastiest. The Brasserie can welcome 150 guests.
The Voievodal Brasserie is a day time salon, specially designed for à la carte service, with hours of opperation between 12:00 and 24:00. From here you can reach the summer terrace, reminiscent of the gardens of the former courtyards, which hosts about 200 seats at tables, being a generous space, realized on two levels, the closed terrace, with 70 seats and the open terrace, with 120 seats.
The terrace also benefits from an imposing panorama towards Lake Herastrau.


The day time salon also houses a grill barbeque of impressive size, with exposure to the customers who can thus admire the whole process of preparation and cooking of the grilled recipes.



The space continues with the second salon, the Voievodal Restaurant, which respects the same environmental register and benefits from a superb intimate space, whose design is inspired by the architectural elements that are suitable for special events.
The Voievodal restaurant, which can accommodate up to 180 people, is intended especially for banqueting events, private or corporate events, with a central space for dance and entertainment.

As an exclusive space, the restaurant is available only to customers with prior reservation, and the program starts at 19:00 and ends at 02:00.

The restaurant has a wine cellar that can host wine tasting sessions. It is located in the lobby area, where a number of over 200 wine varieties are It is located in the lobby of the premises, on a wall of about 20 sqm and there are more than 200 kinds of wine.

The Voievodal Brasserie together with the Voievodal Restaurant cover an impressive area, which places us in the top restaurants in Bucharest, even in terms of


The cuisine is a national one, that is Romanian food, with its tastiest dishes, as for a restaurant in the theme, but also with some other dishes of the most representative ones that make you think of international cuisine. The wine list contains a selection of the most representative varieties of Romanian wine, along with a small number of representative labels from countries with an old wine making tradition.

Regarding the kitchen, the 16th – 18th centuries were taken as reference, dishes that were consumed in ancient times being introduced into the menu. And the way of serving of today respects what was then – when people ate quite a lot, especially meat (even nowadays clients order naturally charcoal-grilled meals ), drank a lot of wine – wine barrels were kept in the wine cellars , together with food and weapons; the wine cellar also hosts vintage wine collections, whether white, red or rosé, quiet or collectible wines as well as sparkling wines.

In this restaurant, as compared to other restaurants in Bucharest, it is about the old authentic Romanian cuisine first of all, the we like it , and second of all it’s also about the updated, tasty cuisine, which brings people who want to spend unique moments in a special setting, from all points of view.

The nearly 100 menu cooks are structured as follows:

• House delights (20 recipes) • Cold snacks (22 recipes) • Bors, sour soups, soups, creams (11 recipes)
• Meals from fish and Mediterranean delicacies (18 recipes) •Poultry meals (9 recipes)
• Pork Meals(15 recipes) • Beef Meals (10 recipes)
• Mutton meals (3 recipes)
• Sides (17 recipes) • Salads (17 recipes)
• Desserts (18 recipes)

This northern area is an area of great interest for visitors, both Romanians and foreigners, attracted by special tourist attractions (National Village Museum – Dimitrie Gusti, Arch of Triumph, Antipa Museum, Minovici Villa, Miorita Fountain) and its proximity to Herăstrău Lake is a worthy advantage. Our location in Băneasa has a great number of seats, with all the premises that the space here can accommodate large-scale social events with remarkable results.

The restaurant does not go without being noticed or tried by foreign tourists seeking to know Romania also by means of its specific dishes; it also organizes special events as it follows: cocktails, receptions, formal dinners as well as business meals, dinners organized for tourists, private parties and traditional Romanian feasts or important anniversaries of up to 400 people.

There is the availability of customizing each menu according to the customer’s tastes and also a charming entertainment program realized by authentic performers.

Moreover, the protocol tables for companies as well as the lunch for those with a little more time available, seem to be the usual events attended in the new location in the Baneasa area.


The restaurant in Baneasa offers traditional quality dishes, but also in respectful quantities, which ensures the satiety of every meal and makes every guest feel that he has taken part in a real feast. From the varied Romanian cuisine with its influences, special dishes have been chosen according to the taste of the modern man and they are all fairy-tale meals, waiting to be discovered.