Every time someone visits a foreign country, no matter the reason, they are trying to get a sample of their traditional food, as part of the fun. After strolling through the city all day long or after visiting famous landmarks who’s not up for a good meal? Looking for traditional Romanian food or maybe for the best restaurants in Bucharest? For sure, you have a lot to choose from. A Bucharest restaurant that caters for all tastes is of course, how did you guess? 😊, Voievodal Restaurant.

Traditional Romanian foodWhy come here at one of the best restaurants in Bucharest?

  1. You’re hungry – and that’s a good reason in everybody’s opinion. Our dishes come in portions of respectful quantities
  2. We’re easy to get to by car or taxi – and we have a generous parking lot, too
  3. Our location is close and facing the beautiful lake of Herastrau
  4. The mansion like restaurant has medieval influences, following the history of this place that used to be the mansion of Vacaresti boyards
  5. The wine- not kidding, you can try the best ones, all you have to do is ask about our wine list and be advised
  6. Last but not least – THE FOOD! Best restaurants in Bucharest always offer their tastiest version and so do we!

Other attractions:

  • The day time salon- the Princely salon – also houses a grilled barbeque of impressive size, with exposure towards the customers who can thus admire the whole process of preparation of grilled recipes.
  • a wall of about 20 sqm and more than 200 kinds of wine in the lobby of the premises where we host sessions of wine tasting
  • special events venue : cocktails, receptions, formal dinners as well as business meals, dinners organized for tourists, private parties and traditional Romanian feasts (wedding anniversaries, baptism anniversaries, other occasional anniversaries) of up to 400 people.
  • a charming instrumental musical program performed by an authentic fiddler band is offered upon request



The nearly 100 menu cooks are structured as follows:

  • House delights (20 recipes) • Cold snacks (22 recipes) • Bors, sour soups, soups, creams (11 recipes)
    • Meals from fish and Mediterranean delicacies (18 recipes) •Poultry meals (9 recipes)
    • Pork Meals(15 recipes) • Beef Meals (10 recipes)
    • Mutton meals (3 recipes)
    • Sides (17 recipes) • Salads (17 recipes)
    • Desserts (18 recipes)

Come visit one of the best restaurants in Bucharest – Restaurant Voievodal Baneasa !