No, we are not advertising Tripadvisor Bucharest restaurants. We just want to let you know that we are there. Usually if you are not there, you don’t exist. Well, it’s a little bit of exaggeration, but just a little. We are not just a restaurant, but one of the best restaurants in Bucharest.
Even if the people traveling around the world are very hard on business owners, it’s ok. We need to see where we are wrong and fix the problem.

Are we among Tripadvisor Bucharest restaurants?

Yes, we are and we’re proud of it. But we are aware that it can be difficult. Or it would be almost impossible to meet everybody’s expectations.
The way we see the situation is to do our best and we’ll be fine. What does this mean? For example:

  • We are a traditional Romanian restaurant, so we need to focus on the best dishes of the Romanian cuisine
  • We are named “Voievodal”. So we have to meet all the designing expectations, as well
  • The behaviour of the employees should be flawless
  • Open space and cleanliness should be at their best

Tripadvisor Bucharest restaurants search – a must ?

Well, we wouldn’t necessarily say that. But it would definitely help on getting an opinion.
Just make sure that people can ruin or help a business depending on how their day was. So, after reading all the reviews it’s up to you if you want to visit that place or not.

When people from abroad or else write about our restaurant we get excited. Why? Because we are happy they visited us and we know we did our best to make them happy.
Delivering the best traditional food with old influences is the most desirable wish of our Voievodal Restaurant.

How important are for you the reviews you read on the internet? Or on Tripadvisor Bucharest restaurants searches, for example?

  1. If more people write about food saying that it was not good at all, it should make a point
  2. If more people say the design was a kitch, you should consider that
  3. If more people say they didn’t like the way they were treated, this should be huge

But if the situations you read about are kind of one time only , maybe you should give them a try.

Now we would like to say a few things about us. Things that we don’t know if people are aware of when talking about Restaurant Voievodal on Tripadvisor Bucharest restaurants topic.

Why would anyone come to Restaurant Voievodal?

  • Because we are located in a select area of Bucharest. Baneasa is a quiet place in the north of the city
  • Because we serve the best food
  • Because we also deliver best food on special occasions in your life- we organize all kinds of events. That is familial events as well as corporate
  • Because the decorations complete the image of a mansion like restaurant.
  • Because we make our guests feel like they are invited at the great ban Vacarescu and his wife’s court. At a royal feast, of course.
  • Because we have a winery that makes everybody jealous. And happy. 😉 Sometimes too happy.

There may be many other reasons why our clients/guests/customers like us. But we would like them/you to write about it on Tripadvisor Bucharest restaurants topic.

That being said, we would like you to have a Good Appetite!