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In wine (is) the truth!

In vino veritas!


… the Latin saying shows us that going out with friends or going wine tastings becoming more interesting especially when you have in front of you this drink with millennial tradition.
Because we are experienced and passionate, at the Voievodal Restaurant you will be dearly guided in choosing the wine, which is why we have gathered the most representative examples of noble varieties.



ALIGOTE de BUCIUM – IASI (alb-sec) 1986
ALIGOTE de BUCIUM – IASI (alb-sec) 1994
BURGUND de BUCIUM – IASI (rosu-sec) 1996
Cabernet Sauvignon Cramele HALEWOOD 1998
Cabernet Sauvignon de Dealu Mare (rosu-sec) 2002
Cabernet Sauvignon Cramele Recas (rosu-sec) 2000
Cabernet Sauvignon de Odobesti (rosu-sec) 1998
Cabernet Sauvignon de Valea Calugareasca 1.5 l (rosu-sec) 2002
Chardonnay de Valea Calugareasca (alb-sec) 1998
Chardonnay de Murfatlar (alb-sec) 1993
Feteasca Alba COMOARA PIVNITEI (sec) 1997
Feteasca Alba de Tarnave ( alb ) 1985
Feteasca Alba de Bucium – Iasi (alb) 1986
Feteasca Neagra Cramele HALEWOOD (rosu-sec) 1998
Feteasca Neagra Valea Calugareasca (rosu-sec) 2000
Feteasca Regala de Odobesti (alb-sec) 1999
Grasa de Cotnari (alb-dulce) 1979
Grasa de Cotnari (alb-dulce) 1994
Grasa de Cotnari (alb-dulce) 1989
Grasa de Cotnari (alb-dulce) 2000
Merlot de Cotesti COMOARA PIVNITEI (sec) 1993
Muscat Ottonel de Cotesti (alb-sec) 1999
Pinot Noir Cramele HALEWOOD (rosu-sec) 1998
Pinot Noir COMOARA PIVNITEI (demisec) 1993
Riesling Italian de Bucium – IASI Vinexpert (alb-sec) 1994
Riesling de Odobesti (alb) 1990
Riesling Italian de Vinia – IASI (alb) 1996
Riesling de Dealu Mare Cramele HALEWOOD (alb-sec) 1988
Riesling Italian de Bohotin – IASI (alb-sec) 1986
Riesling de Bucium – IASI (alb-sec) 1988
Riesling de Bucium – IASI (alb-sec) 1994
S.Blanc de CotestiCOMOARA PIVNITEI (sec) 2002
Sauvignon Blanc Vinia – IASI (alb-sec) 1996
Traminer de Bucium – IASI (alb-demisec) 1992
Tamaioasa Romaneasca de Pietroasele 1996